Milk Filtration Skids

Stainless Designs completed the installation of filter bank to remove impurities from the process and reduce pasteurization temperature.

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Lecithin Dosing System

Stainless Designs completed a lecithin mixing and dosing skid for one of its clients. The system was designed to receive oil and lecithin mixtures, and to heat and hold prior to adding to spray dried milk powders.

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Valve Manifold Fabrication and Installation

Stainless designs has recently completed a custom valve manifold fabrication for a client. The project involved replacing an existing valve manifold that had reached the end of its useful life with a new manifold fabricated from new Pentair valves.

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Custom Valve Assemblies

Stainless Designs was recently engaged by a client to complete the fabrication of some custom valve assemblies.

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Stainless Steel Drains

Stainless Designs have recently completed the design, fabrication and installation of a stainless steel drainage system for a client in the dairy industry.

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Cooker Tanks & CIP Set

Stainless Designs was recently engaged by a customer establishing a new facility for dairy based dessert products. Stainless Designs were tasked with mechanically designing, fabricating and installing: Read more